Winter poster / cristmas decoration by Leonie van der Laan, photographed by blogger Lisanne van de Klift
Lisanne van de Klift - Poster Leonie van der Laan

My winter poster as timeless christmas decoration

For this winter I wanted to create something seasonal, and since christmas cards are a tricky investment (cause if you don’t sell them all, you’re stuck with them) I decided to go for a large winter poster. I wanted you to be able to use it for at least 4-5 months so I had to let go of the christmassy vibes in all of my sketches. It really had to be something more neutral.

I pondered on it for weeks, but when I stumbled across the photo of those foggy pine trees I immediately knew what to do with it. I combined my design skills with my love for words, and wrote a cute (not to mention cheesy) poem and added light pink snowflakes, swirling down the print. The result is a dreamy winter poster that is perfect as christmas decoration, but also neutral enough to keep hanging on your wall until the first signs of spring arrive…

Lisanne’s blog about my winter poster

I’m absolutely in love with the result, and so happy the poster is already cheering up so many homes, like the one from blogger Lisanne van de Klift. She has been so kind to take some wonderful photos (the two above!) of my winter poster, and write the sweetest blogpost about it (in Dutch). Thank you so much Lisanne!

winter poster as timeless christmas decoration in my home, perfect als christmas wall art!

The poem as written on my winter poster:


May your days be merry and bright

filled with kindness and sparks of delight

with laughter and joy in all of its ways

then love will be found in the coldest of days.


(Copyright by Leonie van der Laan.)

winter poster as christmas decoration, designed by Leonie van der Laan