The proces of making my paper collages - my creative workspace

After designing digitally for years, I felt the need to really do something with my hands. Since I’ve always loved creating and combining textures, I decided to start making paper collages. In my atelier I use colored pencils and gouache to create all kinds of textures, which I then cut into shapes and combine into papercut art.

Handmade paper collages

All of the papercut art is completely handmade and one of a kind, which really makes them unique pieces of wall art. I couldn’t be more in love with the process of making these paper collages! Picking colors, drawing and painting, playing around with all the pieces of paper until they match… It’s currently one of my favorite things to do! Each piece of papercut art really is made with love and I hope they will all find a lovely home where they will cheer up an empty wall…

Buy your papercut art online in my Etsy Shop

All of the paper collages will be available in my Etsy Shop from January 2020! For updates check my instagram account, where I will announce their availability and give you some insights on the proces of making my papercut art 🙂